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Do you realize our communication today is only temporary? Our messages are mainly expressed in texts, emails, or social media posts. Come revive the art of letter writing. Hearth & Soul together with The Whole Story Source Legacy Letters invite you to attend a series of events designed to help you create a priceless gift of a hand-written letter.
Join us for a fun, informative, and inspirational time together.

Gather in the comfortable surroundings of family room of the Hearth & Soul lifestyle store, be inspired to express what is stirring your heart, and learn to compose a beautiful, heartfelt letter to keep or send. Start a tradition of letter-writing in your family.

Thursday, September 19—Soulful Letters
Celebrate Hearth & Soul’s 4th anniversary! Learn the elements of writing a letter expressing a heartfelt message or a healing letter to a parent, a loved one, a child, or future grandchild. Perhaps you might write a letter to yourself imagining it is from someone you wished had written you.

Gather in the Family Room from 6:00–7:30 PM
Hearth & Soul, 1410 Market Street, Tallahassee, FL 32312
(Come early and shop! Refreshments provided.)


In July, we had an inspiring time capturing a snapshot in time to write a keepsake letter to a family member describing what the person in the photo meant to us. Thank you Hearth & Soul for hosting these wonderful events!

“I wrote a letter to give my daughter on her first wedding anniversary later this year. What a treasure to reminisce about what that event, and my daughter, means to me.” EL

In August, we gathered to write a letter describing a singular historical milestone in our family’s history and why it was transformational. We enjoyed hearing the impactful letters some participants wrote.